Sunday, 20 January 2013

Preserved lemons the quick way

So last year my preserved lemons were fantastic, and I used them all year round in fish dishes, risottos, and an array of other dishes, in fact it started to become a part of every dish like salt and pepper is.


This year, I decided to take a slightly more high tech approach to making my preserved lemons and have used my vacuum sealer to get my lemons moving along a bit quicker. Yet to see if it will work any better, but I'm hoping that within a few weeks these lemons will be ready to go.

In researching for this modern turn on preserves, I looked at a lot of ready on preserving and even on other people sous vide preserved lemons, and out if it all I came out of it with 2 opinions. 1. Preserving is a ancient way of keeping food for all year round, getting food that is in season and making it last. 2. If you want to preserve and take the form into the 21st century ( I think we are still in the 21st century aren't we?) then you have to stick with the same principles but using with equipment we have now to make things quicker and easier.

I did come across a couple of sous vide copes with include cooking the lemons in a water bath, and as much as I respect these writers i don't think we should be cooking the lemons to get a result, otherwise we may as well confit the lemons rather then using the older preserving methods.

With all that said here's what I did.

  • Cut 2 lemons into quarters.
  • Cover both the cut sides with kosher salt and place them into a vacuum bag
  • Seal completely and one sealed slightly press on the lemons to release some of the juice out of the lemons
  • Store these in a dark cool place for at least a month, or in the fridge for about 2 months.


As I said this is a experimental recipe, and if you have tried something like this before please let me ow how you went, in a few weeks time I'll get my preserved lemons out for their first test spin


Let me know how you go with it!




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