Saturday, 9 February 2013

Real tomatoes, who knew right!

if you have never tried a organically grown fresh tomato, you haven't lived. sounds a bit horrible but its true, you simply haven't lived.

having your own garden allows for an amazing amount fun, but also produces som of the best vegies you will ever taste. and to be honest it couldn't be simpler. Summer is possibly the best tie of year for all things fresh and amazing, the best i think are tomatoes. i have planted a few different varieties, purple ball, cherry toms, ox heart. the first to come ripe and inviting are the cherrys, and wow are they amazing,

to put it simply, one of these little cherries is like eating a thousand of the commercial ones you can buy. they are so ful of flavour, to the point of tasting odd, not bad odd but strange enough for you to sit up and take notice. and when you sit back and think about it how sad will it be when kids dont even know what a real tomato tastes like? its hard enough with my own kid to get him to eat any vegies, but i want to make sure he knows what he should be tasting.

once you have these tomatoes in abundance, you will need to do something with them, and a simple salad with basil and fresh mozzarella will only do for so many so i have a really simple tomato chilli jam that will be amazing with frittatas, burgers or even just with chips. this recipe is so simple and lasts fantastically (well if you can stop eating it for long enough to allow it to last that is).


Cheats tomato chilli jam


300gm of tomatoes (any type, the riper the better)

50gm of palm sugar

30ml of red wine vinegar,

50ml of sweet chilli sauce


add all ingredients to a pan and slowly simmer until all the ingrediants have broken down and he come to a slightly thick glossy liquid, test it doneness but putting a plate in the freeser and when you think it is done drip some onto the plate and f it thickens and goes a bit jamy you know you have done it right.


and thats it! i know seems a bit simple, but the best things in life are simple, if it is too complicated we wouldn't do it right?


give this recipe a go, and lease pass it along to everyone you can think of, of and please mention the blog, all your comments make it worth it




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