Sunday, 23 September 2012

French radish's and the joys of growing

For anyone who hasn't grown a vegetable ( or anything really) the idea of starting a vege garden is quite daunting and can stop you from even starting. For me the idea was great but I just couldn't bring myself to take that initial step of plating my garden.

Eventually I got over it though

I now have 3 things growing in my little garden boxes, French breakfast radish, mustard cress and garlic. And I know I know it may seem like a strange group of things to start with but trust me, if you start in spring this will energise you to start growing some more useful stuff. I also have some simple herbs growing on my window sill, just basil and parsley, but they are satisfying and I enjoy the natural flavours that you just can't seem to get from the store bought stuff.

If you want to start growing I would suggest going and finding some heirloom variety plants that are quick growing, this will make it easier for you to get the motivation to continue.This brings me to my radish's, I finally got to harvest a few small ones this morning, and can I say, they are incredible! These lovely little things are oblong in shape and sweeter then there cherry cousins, and it is said that the French eat them sliced on bread for breakfast. I just love to eat them like grapes, in a big bowl with nothing else, but they are also good with hummus or in a simple salad of rocket with a simple vinegarette and some crispy pork belly.

Probably the most important thing about these little beauties is you don't need anything special to grow them, just be patient, I planted them about 2 months ago and although they are ment to grow in about 24 days these have taken quite a bit longer, but now that the lovely Tasmanian spring wether is here they are growing so fast it's hard to keep up.


Now all I have to do is find a good way to preserve them. S if you have any ideas please let me know, although I don't expect them to last that long the option to store some of these beauties is just to tempting.


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