Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fungai, growing and preserving

Who doesn't love mushrooms? Well a few people, but me personally I love them, and I really wish I had the skills to go foraging for them myself but I just don't, so on my journey of growing as much as I can, I have gotten a grow your own mushroom kit from a local hardware store.

To begin with... These are not a instant thing, it takes about 3 weeks for them to start to pop up, and if the temperature does anything silly in that time (goes up or down dramatically) the they will stop growing, it's really frustrating! But despite all this I have had some success and even dried some for use in some of my favourite dishes such as risotto and casseroles.

Drying food is a very simple process, especially with a lot of us having reverse cycle air conditioners and fan forced ovens. Depending on what you want to dry will depend on the process. For mushrooms it's as simple as slicing them evenly and leaving them on a perforated tray near the air cond to dry out... And it creates quite a good result with minimal effort. One of the other things I have tried is a instant more poix by drying carrot dust, celery and onion until all were in powder form. This works well for slow cooked meals but doesn't give enough to be a meal base on its own.

Try doing this with anything, if our house isnt warm enough a oven on the lowest setting with the door slightly ajar will work well too.

Try t out and let me know.

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