Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Desserts, everything is sweet

Not being a masterchef fan, the idea of sharing something i found on a masterchef contestants blog is hard for me. But here i am.

Kylie Millar was a contestant in the 2012 Masterchef Australia and her desserts and her passion for them is intoxicating, And its great to see that she has continued ofter the show to meet and work with some of my favourite chefs from all around australia

But looking at her work i am absolutely amazed at the quality and i wish i had the patience and the skill in pastry as she does, Dont get me wrong i can make pastry but as a chef i have always been the one slinging the pans and working the grill.... or yelling the orders and making the decisions... But Dessert.... yeah it aint my strong suit.

Please check out her Article at and show her some support on twitter @kyliejmillar


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