Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Marscapone.... Why have a bought you all these years

I am a sucker for marscapone cheese ( yes it is a cheese) and for years I have bought it for different uses, the most popular of which is tiramisu. BUT NO MORE.

I recently come into possession of a book explaining just how easy marscapone was to make and although I was a but sceptical to say the least I gave it a crack and can I say.... WOW! Not only was it simple it took no time and the results are incredible. It has a beautiful consistency and the flavour is rich with a slight tart note.

So onto how to do it! And the best part is you need nothing fancy except a digital thermometer and even then you don't really need it you can tell the cream is at temperature when it is starting to steam and just before it starts to boil but it is always nice to be precise.

To make enough for yourself make this single recipe it will make about 450gm worth, and you can always multiply the recipe depending on how much you are going to need, if using in another recipe start this one 24 hours before to give the marscapone time to set.

What you will need

500ml single pure cream, make sure that if you buy it from the supermarket it is pure cream and doesn't have any thickeners or other additives.

1/2 tsp of white vinegar ( I used white wine vinegar one time but if ound the flavour really lingered and wasn't really good for desserts but was fine in savoury dishes.)


Heat your cream over a double boiler to 92 degrees C.

Add your vinegar and stir for a minute to make sure it is all combined

The cream will start to slightly separate and curdle, it may not be totally noticeable but the cream should thicken to a coating consistency ( that's where it coats the back of the spoon/spatula evenly and doesn't run off... Check out the pic below.)

Take off threat and allow to cool for 20 mins.

Strain through cheese cloth, or if cheese cloth is unavailable I use clean chux dish cloths ( make sure they are new and not that manky one that has been on the sink for the last 2 months)

Place in the fridge overnight to drain over a bowl.

Once strained place in airtight container and use within 3 days



If you want to make vanilla marscapone add a scrapped vanilla bean to the mix while bringing the cream up to temperature, and remove the bean before adding the vinegar.


Now I know what your thinking... ARE YOU SERIOUS... Yes I am it really is that simple

I used it in a dish of peas, speck, chicken leek and pasta tho their night and it was superb! Have made tiramisu with it yet, but once I do I will let you know how it goes.

Try it and let me know how you go or what you make with it! Happy to share people recipes on here for everyone to try!

Until next time!


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